Currently specialized in children's wear, RADWAN Group has plans to manufacture apparel for all ages. Our aim is to consolidate trust in the Radwan name by developing our own brands and meeting consumers' evolving apparel needs. We aspire to become the Syrian apparel designer and manufacturer of choice for global markets.

RADWAN Group has an enviable presence in local and global markets simultaneously, a presence achieved through effort, ambition, and diligence. The brands produced under the RADWAN name have expanded from the initial Bimbo and Radwan to encompass, in 1996, to include the Italian Mirtillo, Mirtillino, and X-tension brands.

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Ever since, RADWAN Group has been the licensor of the Mirtillo brand in the Middle East. We have established over 25 stores across 5 Arab countries (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Libya) and plan to expand our store network throughout the Middle East. In 2005, we acquired rights to sell Mirtillo Shoes and Mixtillo Cosmetics.

Our expansion plans are ongoing and set to include new labels and stores, and as a prove on our trustworthy promises RADWAN group has lately launched local kids wear brand " CASALUNA" which has achieved such a great impress at the local markets where we have established four stores until now, which is a part of the plan, until we fully cover our local market demands.

Being local is part of the plan, but being global is the thing that we are aiming for.