RADWAN Group's origins date back almost half a century. It all began in Aleppo in the 1960's when the Radwan family launched their business, initially specializing in the manufacture and trade of threads. In 1975, with the market's growing need for apparel, the company ventured into manufacturing kids' clothing. It opened a small store that grew under the label "Radwan". This led to Radwan Co. in 1978.

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Radwan Co. established its presence in local and global markets simultaneously. The brands produced in its name expanded, beginning with the babies' apparel line "Bimbo" and the children's apparel line "Radwan". The company then acquired manufacturing rights for from the famous Italian company Maglificio Barbara S.r.l. for its Mirtillo, Mirtillino, and X-tension brands.

We have been manufacturing for European companies - and exporting to European countries โ€“ for over 15 years. The company's strength has always derived from being family-owned and family-run, setting its own management style and specifying the criteria of its social and ethical responsibility.

We owe much to our location โ€“ the same then and now โ€“ Aleppo. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Aleppo is a cradle for the region's textile industry. It was a vital trade center on The Silk Road and has had a significant role in the industry's development in the Middle East and Europe.